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Gun rights advocates rally at the state capitol Saturday

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Gun rights advocates rallied at the state capitol Saturday. This was one of many rallies held across the country. Supporters were encouraged to bring unloaded firearms, but only in states where it was legal. 

“I think it is important the American people should retain the right to self-defense,” said  Columbus Resident Danny Bedwell.

The rain didn't stop more than three dozen gun advocates from trekking to the State Capitol to defend the Second Amendment.

“Look around the crowd. I saw people openly carrying firearms and think this is probably the safest place to be in the entire state," added Bedwell. "I think it is safer than any school campus and safer than most workplaces. I think it is firearms that make us safe.” 

The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans hosted the pro-gun rally. It comes weeks after several gun violence marches and rallies were held across the country in the wake of a Florida school shooting on Valentine’s Day left 17 people dead.

“When you make a gun free zone such as schools are, you are opening up as a military member that it is a soft zone and an easy target," said organizer Mike Volker. "We don't do that to banks, we have guards, our politicians have guards, even our celebrities have guards. Guards at schools would stop this shooting.” 

Mike Volker is the organizer of the Mississippi event. While some folks may disagree with the NCCPA, he believes stricter gun laws will not eliminate violence.

“We have so much on the books right now for gun control. If it was enforced, a lot of this stuff would not happen," added Volker. "But a lot of places are finding loopholes to get through it. Everybody wants to blame this and that. It is just like blaming a gun for shooting somebody. That is not the guns fault. That is about as smart as blaming a shovel for not digging the ditch. It is a tool, a piece of metal, without a human being it is nothing more than a paperweight.” 

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