Food Bank helps feed refugees

No one could predict the impact Katrina would have on us here in the Mid-South. And the true spirit of Memphis and Shelby county is shining through as people and places open their hearts and their doors to those in need.

"Like the Bible says this was the ram in the bush and we thank these people for opening their doors for us and we really appreciate it," said evacuee Robert Davis, who's staying at Bellvue Baptist Church.

A lot of the food at Bellevue was provided by the Memphis Food Bank. All year long the Memphis Food Bank provides about 10 million pounds of food to hundreds of charitable agencies in parts of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

"We're really asking them to step up now," said Estella Mayhue-Greer of the Memphis Food Bank. "We don't want to wait until we're out of food and then we can't meet any needs at all because we need the food to replenish what we're sending out."

A donation to the food bank is so simple; you can actually grocery shop online on their website. You can help and never leave the house.