Elementary school employee drags student off bus by ankle

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Shelby County Schools is investigating an employee accused of forcibly removing a student from a bus.

SCS officials said the man is an employee at Robert E. Church Elementary.

Facebook video shows the man pulling the child from his seat and carrying him off the bus upside down by his ankle.

**WMC Action News 5 has chosen to blur the faces of everyone on the bus except for the student, as the children are minors and the school employee has not been charged with a crime. We are not blurring the face of the student involved anymore because his mother held a press conference Tuesday and made his identity public.**

School officials said the employee was breaking up a fight on the bus.

Per district policy, the employee has been removed from school pending an investigation.

Kimberly Hardin, the mother of the student who was dragged off the bus, joined with Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Memphis to call for justice. Hardin brought her son to Tuesday's press conference and identified him as 7-year-old Terrell Williams.

Hardin also made it clear that she thinks what happened to her son is an injustice. She said no child should ever be dragged off a school bus.

"What I seen (sic) on that video was wrong. When other little children watched this little boy dragged off the bus upside down," Reverend Walter Womack with SCLC Memphis said. "I submit to you they'll be scarred for the rest of their life."

Hardin said she took her son to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital after the incident. She said the doctor's diagnosed him with a concussion and bruises.

"He is still having headaches, saying his head hurts," Hardin said.

Hardin said the school did not call her about the incident until the next day, after the mother of the child who shot the video went to the school to complain about her son being suspended.

Hardin said school staff did not initially believe the incident had happened. They changed their mind when they saw the video.

"[Terrell] was telling them the man pulled him off the bus and said he hated him," Hardin said. "But everybody said [Terrell] was lying; all the staff said he was lying."

Shelby County Schools said in a statement the man on the bus has been removed from the school while the case is being investigated.

Williams is back in school but doesn't want to ride the bus anymore, so his family now picks him up.

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