Facebook lays out its dos, don'ts for users

(WMC) - For the first time, Facebook has published its content guidelines, laying out in detail what you can and can't post.

After months of mounting criticism, Facebook finally sharing details of what could land your account in hot water--but still, the rules aren't so cut and dry.

Facebook published a 27-page guideline of what its two billion users are allowed to post and what's forbidden.

Social media expert Kelli Brignac said it comes at a time when Facebook finds itself losing friends.

"So the basics of it -- nothing changed," Brignac said. "They just let you know more information about what they were already doing."

Facebook already bans posts that threaten violence or promote terrorism and drugs.

But Brignac said many people complained the rules were too vague.

"Facebook has taken a lot of criticism for how it applies these policies, either because they were not transparent enough or they were not consistently applied," Brignac said.

The company is now spelling out its rules in sometimes graphic and confusing details.

For instance, while Facebook still bans images of female breasts, it will allow users to post those images if they depict acts of protest or show women breastfeeding.

The rules are the same ones Facebook's 7,600 moderators use to determine if someone violates company standards.

Facebook's move comes weeks after lawmakers grilled CEO Mark Zuckerberg over sharing users' personal information.

"You're never going to please everyone," Brignac said. "I think they're probably doing the best in terms of making sure that we know what's acceptable when we use their platform."

Only time will tell if Facebook hangs on to more of its friends or continues losing them.

Another rule outlined by Facebook is that no hate speech is allowed. That's defined as a direct attack on people based on race, ethnicity, gender identity or other characteristics.

Facebook will also remove content that glorifies violence, but it will allow graphic content to help raise awareness about issues.

For that reason, it will add a warning label to especially graphic or violent content. The hope being that graphic content is not seen by people under the age of 18.

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