National Guard deploys to Gulf Coast

At the Air National Guard Station in Memphis Saturday morning Midsouth troops were packing up and moving out.

One hundred and twenty-five Army Guard Soldiers are heading to the Gulf Coast Region to help with the hurricane relief effort.

"There's two units, the 3rd battalion of the 115th field artillery which is a Memphis unit and the second battalion of 115th and that's a Covington Unit," said Lt. Col. Lamar Spencer of the 164th Airlifft Wing.

While waiting for their immediate orders they filled up on donated doughnuts and Domino's Pizza, things they won't have access to once the hard work begins.

Three C-130 aircraft were sent in from the Nashville Air National Guard Wing that will airlift the men and women to their mission. The troops will head for the Gulf Coast only with what they can carry on their backs.

Sunday a convoy on the ground will head that way with the supplies they'll need. This was one of the fastest deployments some of these soldiers have ever experienced.

They don't know exactly where they'll be going or what they'll be asked to do, but soldiers say in the army that's the way of life. As they board a plane bound for somewhere, the best they can do is prepare to expect the unexpected.