Area churches offer aid, compassion to evacuees

From offering shelter, to hot meals and prayers, Mid-South churches are reaching out to help hurricane victims.

On the first Sunday after Hurricane Katrina, Memphis' St. Augustine Catholic Church reached out to victims with a special service of love and compassion.

"It filled me up - it made me cry - and I don't normally get that emotional," said Jim Aldridge a New Orleans evacuee.

For New Orleans residents like Jim Aldridge and his wife, life has been turned upside down.

"I don't have anything now I'm homeless too," said Jim Aldridge.

"It's so depressing," said evacuee Alice McKay. "It's un-describable. It's pure depression."

"We can't solve the problems in New Orleans. We can't solve the problems in Biloxi, but we can help people who are moving here to Memphis," said Father John Geaney.

St. Augustine is on a growing list of Mid-South churches working to provide hurricane victims with shelter, food and other support.

Seventy-five-year old Alice McKay was taken in by a church family.

"I feel so blessed because I feel that I'm now on the receiving end of so much love," said McKay.

Now McKay is giving back, this week she helped the church pack food baskets that will help others who have been displaced by the storm. It was her way of doing something positive following the storm that destroyed everything she owned.