Korean War vet hopes peace can be reached in Korea

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - As talks continue between North and South Korea, veterans of the Korean War are hopeful those talks finally lead to peace.

The Korean War Memorial in Overton Park shows the years in which American soldiers fought in that conflict, but technically the war never ended. However, recent developments could change that.

Though six decades have passed since George King came home from fighting in Korea, the memories--even the painful ones--still linger.

"We never left a wounded or dead marine on the battle field," King, a retired Marine, said. "Buried 38,000 United States soldiers and marines--terrible loss."

All these years later, the world finds itself in another historic moment--with President Donald Trump set to meet with North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, who's promised to give up his nuclear program.

At the same time, both North and South Korea have pledged to formally end the Korean War.

At his home in Germantown, George keeps a close eye on the developments.

"It's the most exciting period we've been in in 60 years," King said. "The Korean citizens, both North and South Korea, don't want war."

And though this retired Marine can't predict what's going to happen, he prays it inspires people to learn about the sacrifices made six decades ago.

"It was a forgotten war. It wasn't meant to begin with, and it has been forgotten," King said. "Hopefully we can reach those peace agreements."

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