Beware of fake tickets to Beale Street Music Festival

Beware of fake tickets to Beale Street Music Festival

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - If you're still working to get your tickets for Beale Street Music Festival, you need to be wary of where you're making your purchase.

Organizers said you should not purchase tickets from a third party or scalpers. There have been reports of fake tickets.

"There have been reports of some fraudulent tickets out there, and we want to make sure that our ticket buyers have the best experience possible. And that's through Those third party online sellers, you're taking a risk," Memphis in May Director of Marketing Robert Griffin said.

StubHub is looking at opening up a criminal investigation into fake Beale Street Music Fest tickets being sold on its site and has already caught a handful of crafty criminals.

"We just found out last week where StubHub contacted us saying they found a number of fraudulent transactions, ticket sales, happening on their site," Griffin said.

Every year, Memphis in May coordinators said they battle against crooks selling phony tickets.

But this year StubHub is working to keep the number of counterfeit tickets to a minimum.

"It's one of those cases of buyer beware," Griffin said. "The buyer isn't going to know until we actually scan it and say this ticket is no good."

That's because the bogus tickets are often real tickets that have been duplicated, something you won't know until you use it.

"My advice would be only use the official ticket vender,, or our box office on the day of the event, just because it's always going to be a risk," Griffin said.

Also, you may want to arrive early if you're set on catching your favorite artist.

"We're wanding everyone when they come in the gate, so we have as a secure event as possible," Griffin said. "So it may take a little longer. So keep that in mind, factor that in when you come down. it may take a little longer to get through the gate. But that extra time that it takes means it's an extra safe festival this year."

Organizers said similar security measures with metal detectors are being used at the New Orleans Jazz Fest this week, with minimal problems.

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