Shelby County to Re-Evaluate Emergency Plan

Shelby County EMA Director Claude Talford is focusing on Katrina evacuees now, "We're here to document and make sure everybody's needs are met. But his next step is to focus on Shelby County and whether his offices and others are ready if a major disaster strikes here, "There are some things we know we need to change even before this happened that we're gonna try to address." Such as keeping lines of communications open especially if there's an earthquake along the New Madrid, "Go through the plan again to start reassessing the plans, page by page and make some changes and see what needs to be added and what needs to be rethought." Talford's watched reports from the Gulf, especially from New Orleans where many people were not prepared for disaster, "For the first 72 hours you probably will be on your own, just for the fact that it is an overwhelming event." Talford recommends a weeks worth of water and canned food for each person not to mention extra medication and supplies. As far as a fast response from emergency officials...don't take it for granted, "For every one EMT, Firefighter, every police officer he has to respond to 300+ citizens. You think about the numbers, that's astronomical." In other words, be prepared to take care of yourself. And start preparing now.