Neighborhood fed up with trash dumping on Lamar Ave.

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - One business manager is demanding change on Lamar Avenue after dealing with trash and vacant businesses for years.

Spilled paint, empty cans, and a tire are just some parts of a large pile of trash that sits right next to Glenview Park.

"We just need to get it cleaned so we can have a nice community we can be proud of," said Anthony Giordano, manager of Steele Guiltner Tire Shop on Lamar Avenue.

Giordano said he's driven past this trash for months.

"I'm tired of seeing the trash," Giordano said. "I'm tired of seeing how they let things go."

He said the problem is a lot bigger than just one pile of trash. He said he sees it all up and down Lamar Avenue and he's sick of it.

A quick walk down Lamar and you'll see more abandoned tires, other piles of trash, boarded up homes, empty businesses, and sidewalk that are dirty, unkept, and overgrown.

"They need to clean up this area," Giordano said. "This is a major roadway in Memphis, Tennessee, and I'm getting tired of it."

Others agree that there's a major problem.

"I mean I see this everywhere, man," said Acy Talley, who lives nearby. "Nobody's picking it up. I don't know why but it's not being picked up. And this need to be picked up, this is a mess, man."

Giordano wants to see everybody pitch in to revitalize Lamar Avenue--everything from more public programs to businesses taking personal responsibility for their property.

"I'm from New York but I love Memphis," Giordano said. "I'm a Memphian now,, and I just want to see us keep getting better and start taking more accountability and responsibility."

"This should be picked up," Talley said. "We talking about blight in the neighborhood, that's blight right there."

On the City of Memphis 311 website, the trash pile near Glenview Park was first reported for pick up on Wednesday.

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