Eight year-old tells story of shooting

An eight-year old girl fell victim to a violent crime Monday.

Mackneshia Smith was playing outside near the Barron Brook apartments, when shots rang out.

"The bullet hit my leg," Smith said. "Then my leg was shaking."

Smith was an innocent bystander to the shooting. Her mother Kathy was sitting on the front porch of the families apartment when she saw a man with a gun. Kathy Smith said she begged the man not to shoot, but he didn't listen.

Police arrested Terrence Parham and charged him with attempted first degree murder. Police officials say Parham was shooting at another man, and the crime may be gang related.

"Right now we know that Mr. Parham is associated with the gangster disciples," said Memphis Police spokesperson Sgt. Vince Higgins. "As such we are trying to determine if this situation was related to his affiliation with that gang."

Neighbors said they just want the violence to end.