Evacuees Search For Jobs; Businesses Make Offers

In his old life in New Orleans, Eddie Fountain (504-628-5323) was a counselor. Now he's an evacuee and like many others he needs a job, "You don't have the clothing, funding, gas is up to three dollars." Fountain has a bachelors in Psychology and is almost finished with his MBA. He hopes a job will get his life back on track. "You gonna need all the income you can to get some of the belongings you need, the clothing, personal things you need and different things like that." Jack Quinlan of

, is helping people like Fountain find employment, "We're saying to people let us know how long you want to be employed as you best know." Quinlan is helping evacuees get social security cards and the papers they need to start work. He's working with local and national companies to find even temporary employment, "They may not want to bring on somebody full time but they may want to bring on somebody on a temporary basis to help them get through that period and I applaud that." Then Steve Westmoreland will get a round of applause. The owner of S&K Automotive is offering to hire mechanics, "If I was a millionaire, i'd help every one of them." Westmoreland doesn't need anymore workers but is willing to take a few evacuees on just to help out. He's already made an offer to one man, "Sounded relieved that he had work and could supply money for his family and take care of his family." A feeling Eddie Fountain hopes he'll have soon too. Brannon Professionals has set up a free websit to match evacuees with employers. Log onto