Suspended Houston High teacher also under investigation for assaulting student

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - A Germantown teacher already suspended for inappropriate contact with a student is also being investigated for assault of a student.

William Rayburn, a choir teacher at Houston High School, is under investigation by Germantown Police Department after a student said she was assaulted by him.

The female student was walking down a hallway at the school when Rayburn slowed down, walked into her and pushed her up against the wall with his stomach, according to the police report.

Rayburn is currently serving a suspension by the school district for kissing, touching, and making inappropriate comments towards students, according to a memo sent to him by the superintendent.

It's the second time he's been suspended without pay. In October 2017, he was reprimanded for "unprofessional conduct" after sending emails to parents criticizing the school district's national anthem policy.

Kris Stewart, who went the Germantown Municipal School Board meeting Monday night, said her daughter and a friend experienced what they felt was bullying behavior from Rayburn two years ago.

Steward said it was reported to school leaders, but no real action was taken.

"I am concerned there is a pattern of behavior, there's a bullying pattern of behavior," Steward said. "There's inappropriate remarks to the students and parents."

Yet many parents and students WMC investigators talked with said he is very popular and is known as a cool teacher.

WMC found several pictures of Rayburn with his students online.

Last year WMC did a story with Rayburn, who talked about a student he had several years ago.

"He and I started on the same day my first day of teaching here was his first day of school," Rayburn said in October 2017.

Rayburn said he took a special interest in the student.

"I picked him up and brought him to school every day and when he stayed after school, I would take him home every day and we just developed a friendship," Rayburn said.

Rayburn said he believes he filled a void for the student, who did not have a father figure in his life. He also saw great potential in the student who could sing and dance.

The student went on to be in a motion picture, and Rayburn walked the red carpet with him.

"I stayed out with the cast until late, the entire cast," Rayburn said.

GPD said they are working with the Department of Children's Services in their investigation of the assault allegation.

Initially, only DCS and the school district were investigating the case.

The police report reveals very little about their investigation, and most of it is redacted.

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