AR family searching for missing 23-year-old, offering reward

ST. FRANCIS CO., AR (WMC) - A St. Francis County family is offering a big reward hoping it will lead them to their loved one who disappeared three weeks ago.

Sheriff's investigators said they have no leads and no clue what happened.

Christie Ellis can't imagine what happened to her son, Kendrick Watson, who disappeared from his trailer in Madison near Forrest City four days before his 23rd birthday.

Kendrick lived in this trailer alone, but it is not far from his grandfather's house or other family members' homes.

The family said he didn't have a car but loved to walk and run around Madison to visit.

Watson's grandfather found his door open and realized something was wrong. The family said it was cold when he disappeared April 16, but his coat was left in his trailer.

"My son had never left like this before," Ellis said.

His family said he didn't have a girlfriend and spent almost all of his time with family.

St. Francis County Sheriff investigators searched the area looking in waterways and along the railroad track. They found no sign of the now 23-year-old who dreamed of owning a farm.

"I fear that maybe there's been harm to him. His life has been taken away from him," his aunt, Linda Clark, said.

Watson's mother is offering a $5,000 reward for his return.

"I want my son back to me safe with no harm, and I am willing to pay it for my son. Pray for his safe return," Ellis said. "If anybody knows where my son Kendrick Watson is, please return him please bring him home. Only thing I want is my son back."

Watson's family is hoping somebody knows something about what happened to him. If you do, call the St. Francis County Sheriff's office.

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