MATA, pedal tavern owner dispute events that led to crash

MATA, pedal tavern owner dispute events that led to crash

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - MATA is investigating a crash involving a downtown trolley and a pedal tavern over the weekend.

There are conflicting accounts of exactly what happened, and who was at fault.

The Sprock-N-Roll pedal party bike was parked near the trolley tracks at Main and Gayoso Saturday afternoon. The trolley, which rides on tracks, hit the party bike and dragged it several feet.

"He thought he could speed up and beat her and he turned too short in front of her and she hit him," said one witness.

"We were allowing for the group that was standing there taking photos to finish their photo-taking so that we could pull in and be safely out of the way," said Ashley Coleman, owner of Sprock-N-Roll party bike. "However, we didn't get the opportunity."

Coleman said her party bikes have been parking in the area for three years without any problems. The downtown Memphis Commission said the company has a permit to operate in the area.

The trolleys have only been operating for a couple of weeks after a four-year absence.

A witness on the trolley said the trolley operator honked the horn, but Coleman said that didn't happen.

The trolley pushed the passenger-less party bike about 20 feet.

"There was no indication we were in the way of anything," Coleman said.

Yet the trolley that runs along tracks did hit the party bike.

Memphis police said they don't have any video of the incident, and WMC has requested any dash cam video MATA may have.

Coleman said it is a privilege to operate in Memphis and wants to continue operating the popular business.

"Going forward I'd like to talk to the DMC and MATA and understand the limitations of the trolley and see how we can go about existing safely," Coleman said.

The driver of the trolley was transported to the Regional Medical Center in non-critical condition.

Police cited the driver of the party bike.

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