Long lines at Red Cross headquarters

Among the hundreds of evacuees lined up at the Red Cross this morning was Wanda Roberts and her three year old daughter.

For the second day in a row, she was told, the person in front of her would most likely be the last person served.

"They told us to come back on Tuesday which I did. Stood in line for 3 hours and they told us to turn back and go and then they did the same today and I can't take no more," said Wanda Roberts, a New Orleans evacuee.

But Roberts like dozens of others refused to give up their place in line.

So volunteers handed out food or drink to ease their wait.

Inside the Red Cross, volunteers like Mary Peete organized the food pantry and helped people find what they need.

"I've been reading papers, watching the television and I said I just can't cry anymore. I've got to get out and do something," said Peete.

Evacuee Demetria Butler called the Red Cross food pantry a god send. "It means alot, cause gas is 330 a gallon. Money is short," she said.

Back outside, Wanda Roberts found hope when a volunteer heard her story and found a way to get her the help she needed today.