Evacuee adjusts to life in Memphis

Alisha Delatte's getting her kids registered for school and getting some of the basics they'll need, "Six for my daughter? Ooh she not that big."

Delatte's from New Orleans but doesn't plan to go back, "It's gonna take too long to build that place and it's not gonna have too many jobs to go back to."

Alisha and her kids lost everything they have but instead of looking back she's looking forward, "That's what I would call it, an adventure. A journey."

The biggest one of her life.

Her kids don't know exactly why they left their home,"I told them we were moving. The only thing he asked was 'mommy can we move to the country?' and I said yes son we're gonna move to the country."

Alisha says there's time for the hard truth later, "They'll learn about that in the near future, about the disaster that actually happened."

Delatte's been staying with family, she's lucky to have the support, "Oh my goodness that is a wonderful thing to have some family here to help because I was talking people in shelters, spending money on hotels and things."

Right now school is a top priority followed by a badly needed job, "I'm not going to be picky about a job because I know we have to survive here for now and it's not just going to come to us."

Alisha Delatte's keeping her head up and offering hope to others in her situation, "Keep your head up and stay strong."