Kirstie Alley stops in Memphis to donate supplies

"We'll put these in here and then we'll put all the dog toys in the other thing," said actress Kirstie Alley.

Kirstie Alley's first trip was about binge shopping, virtually cleaning out Memphis retailers and packing up a series of southbound semi-trucks.

"We're in Memphis because this is where we can get a lot of bulk supplies because if you go in close to New Orleans or Baton Rouge it's sort of empty," she said.

Lisa Marie Presley bought thousands of dollars of supplies at a Memphis Target last weekend and drove them down in semi's to Louisiana. Kirstie Alley has hit a Costco and a pet store and plans to fill up five trucks.

The manager from a nearby Factory Card Outlet showed up during our interview.

"We are willing to donate toys for your cause. Send down for hurricane relief. We're coming right over!" said Alley. "The main reason we're going to New Orleans is to take a semi-load into the relief workers because they're really hurting because they don't have... They don't have anything," she said.

At one store, Alley wrote a personal check for nearly $1,600. Alley says she's going first to Baton Rouge and that her group will be getting a National Guard escort once they arrive in New Orleans. She also says she has cousins who lost their homes there.