Hometown favorite Central BBQ hopes to win cooking contest

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest consists of teams from across the United States and outside the country.

Memphis hometown favorite Central BBQ hopes to bring home the trophy.

With 225 teams in the competition, every tent has their own personality.

At the Central BBQ tent, they like to have a good, party atmosphere.

To win a Grand Championship at the World Championship BBQ Cooking Competition, you have to compete in one of three categories -- whole hog, ribs, or shoulder.

For Roger Sapp and the Central BBQ Team, they choose ribs for two reasons--one is their riverside tent location, and the second?

"We don't have to stay up all night cooking it," Sapp said. "We can party up till late and then come in at 6 in the morning cook our ribs and get our ribs done for judging."

Obviously, the weekend is all about amazing BBQ. Sapp gave WMC5 a sneak peek of the smoker where all the magic will happen as crews ran all over the park setting up.

"I've owned that cooker like 25 years," Sapp said. "It really cooks ribs the best."

After seriously competing on and off for the last 25 years, Sapp uses these next couple days to enjoy himself.

"To me, BBQ-ing is about fun," Sapp said. "It's really hard on me now that I'm older to party every night but somehow I make myself."

Besides the crazy party atmosphere, there's one thing Sapp looks forward to the most.

"I'm going to come down and sit here every night and watch the river and have a beer with the sunset and enjoy myself," Sapp said. "People don't realize the great sunset we have here. We have one of the few cities in the country, if not the only large major city, where you can sit on one side and watch the sunset across the river and see nothing but farmland. Everywhere else you look you look across the river and see another city. And then when the sun goes down, you really party!"

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