Volunteer effort continues in Covington

The sign outside Covington's Fire Department points people to an oasis of support for hurricane victims like Danny Campo and his girlfriend Jennifer Regan.

"Our needs right now are pretty much food clothing and money to keep going," Campo said.

Campo said they lost everything when hurricane katrina slammed into their neighborhood just outside New Orleans.

"Its emotional you know," he said. "That's where I'm from, you know that's where I'm from that's where I grew up. I never really moved anywhere."

Now Campo and many other evacuees are depending on the kindness and donations of Covington residents.

"We allow them to take what they need," said volunteer coordinator Leslie Fisher. "We have cleaning supplies, non perishable foods, and clothes, so they can look through and get started."

These volunteers have needs, too. Donations of cleaning supplies, batteries, and furniture are running low.

Dorothy Davidson stopped by the relief center with a check from her church. Relief organizers are asking for more people to help.

For Danny Campo the blessing has been landing in Covington. Volunteers recently helped him find a place to live and there's talk of a job in the near future.

"For people to involve themselves in such a crisis as we are dealing with here, it's really, really comforting."

If you would like to donate items or help with the relief effort in Covington, call the Covington Fire Department at 901-476-2578.