President plans another visit to the Gulf Coast

The White House says President Bush will head back to the Gulf Coast this weekend on his third trip to the region devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Meantime, the president's vowing to surmount the problems the storm created.

In a State Department appearance, he declared, "America is a strong and resilient nation" and has the spirit and resources to "overcome any challenge."

Aides say on Sunday, Bush will observe the fourth anniversary of Nine-Eleven with a White House moment of silence -- then fly to Mississippi and Louisiana, remaining there overnight.

His remarks came at the swearing-in of his long-time aide, Karen Hughes, as head of U-S public diplomacy.

Bush used the speech to thank the more than 100 nations that have offered aid because of the hurricane. He said in their "time of struggle," Americans "need to know we're not struggling alone."