Evacuees with medical experience look for work

Daphne Woods hopes she can take her experience as a Licensed Professional Nurse in New Orleans and use it here in her new home.

"It's hard," she said. "It's a little terrifying but you got to do it, start over."

Woods was one of many evacuees taking part in a job fair at Methodist Hospital. Ruth Anne Hale with Methodist say with more than ten thousand evacuees here, the need for medical help has risen,

"We've seen three inpatients from New Orleans as well as some women who've come to deliver babies," Hale said. "We've seen an increase in our emergency room traffic as well."

Daphne Woods rode out the hurricane in a New Orleans hospital. With no electricity and the first floor of her hospital under water, Woods kept on working,

"We was walking around with flashlights trying to maneuver around and still take care of patients," she said.

After a week, Woods and her co-workers were evacuated from the hospital's roof, like many others she was swept up into a helicopter and taken to safety, "I was just glad to be getting out of there so I didn't care how I got out of there."

Diane Presley and others at Methodist are glad to get people like Daphne Woods even if the situation isn't ideal.

"It's a win, win situation," Presley said. "We need these people, they need us and we want to help them anyway we can."

For Daphne Woods that means a job and chance for a new life.