Food For Thought- September 8, 2005 - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Food For Thought- September 8, 2005


Captain D's-64

5273 Poplar Ave.

*No Hair Nets

*Live Roach

*Food at Wrong Temperature

Green Beetle-69

325 S. Main St.

*Food at Wrong Temperature

*Live Roach

*No Thermometer in Refrigerator

Silky O'Sullivan's-69

183 Beale St.

*Fruit Flies Near Urinals

*Heavy Food Debris in Microwave

*Grill and Deep Fryers Very Greasy


El Porton-98

2096 Merchants Way


495 Union Ave.

The Deliberat Literate-97

1997 Union Ave.

Grisanti's Bol A Pasta-96

3160 Village Shops Dr.

Taco Bell-96

6210 Winchester

Know the score before you walk through the door!

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