'That's Sherra': Lorenzen Wright's mother not surprised by ex-wife's misbehavior that led to $20M bond

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Accused murderer Sherra Wright received a $20 million bond Wednesday morning.

The judge said Wright's inappropriate behavior in jail added to her bond amount.

It was revealed in court that Wright has had several incidents in jail including cursing out jailers, stripping off her clothes, flooding toilets, and illegally passing food around to other inmates.

Wright, the ex-wife of former NBA star Lorenzen Wright, was charged in his 2010 murder along with Billy Turner.

Turner received a $15 million bond earlier this month.

They both will be back in court July 11.

Very little was revealed in court Wednesday about the crime itself because a lot of the attention was focused on Wright's behavior in jail.

"But if not for Sherra Wright, Lorenzen Wright might still be alive," said Shelby County Judge Lee Coffee. "This court finds that the bond in this case shall be set to cover this indictment at $20 million for the reasons stated."

"Wright's behavior yesterday is absolutely shocking," Judge Coffee said.

Court documents presented by the prosecution outline behavior the judge called disturbing.

Wright allegedly using derogatory language toward jail security guards, passed food to other inmates and took her clothes off in her cell, stuffed the toilet to flood it and said, "I'm going swimming, y'all."

Lorenzen Wright's mother Deborah Marion sat in the courtroom shaking her head. She said she's happy the bond was set high and is not shocked by Sherra's behavior.

"That's Sherra, that's Sherra," Marion said.

Wright's attorneys Blake Ballin and Steve Farese Jr. said her behavior points to her mental state.

"It makes me concerned for her mental health and anybody who's been sitting in jail like she has away from her family, away from her friends, it has an effect on you, so it makes me concerned for her mental health," Ballin said.

Prosecutors were prepared to ask the judge for a $10 million bond but were more than happy with the judge's ruling.

"It's hard to trust somebody on bond when you can't trust them in the jail," said prosecutor Paul Hagerman.

Marion said as Wright walked into the courtroom with her head held high, she looked at her and mouthed that she didn't do it.

Ballin and Farese requested a $100,000 bond and Wright's brother Julius Robinson said his sister could stay with him if her bond was granted.

Wright's attorneys argued that unlike Turner, she had no previous criminal record.

Meanwhile, the prosecution asked for a $10 million bond.

Hagerman spent his time re-reading an affidavit first presented at Turner's bond hearing earlier this month, in which Wright's cousin Jimmie Martin gave a statement detailing the plan to kill Lorenzen.

Martin, who is currently in jail convicted of murdering his girlfriend in 2012, said in his statement he's the third co-conspirator in this case.

"With her financial status at this point it could have been $200 million, it could have been $2 million, the fact that of the matter is, we're focused on other things," Ballin said. "This was part of the process, we needed to get a bond set and now we're ready to move on and defend her."

Marion said she's feeling good about the hearing, but her fight for justice isn't over.

"I need to keep on going because I got my grandkids," Marion said. "I got this where I halfway want it, it's not over for me."

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