FedEx workers help telethon raise cash

Callers donating to the Red Cross and Salvation Army during the fundraiser may have heard a Mid-South voice on the other line.

They're trained to rescue packages. But Friday night hundreds of FedEx employees answered a different kind of call. This week the FedEx was asked to play a part in the Shelter From the Storm national telethon.

"Just with a couple days notice we were able to get over 600 volunteers across all of our centers within the US," said Don Bland, FedEx workforce management. "Basically they will be taking calls from people who are watching the broadcast from the telethon and taking any donations that people are will to give."

Seconds after the broadcast began the phones in Memphis cubicles began ringing. It was volunteer work for employees who already put in a long week.

"I started work this morning at 5am and I will be here 'till 11 because this is such a worthy cause," said Jeffrey Moore a customer service representative.

This in addition to the other ways the company has contributed to the relief effort.

While the celebrities asked for pledges, another group of stars were working behind the scenes on the receiving end of a life line.