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FEMA readies tons of supplies in Memphis

When Troy Riddick got to work this morning, he found 200 trucks parked outside the Ameri-Cold warehouse ready to drop off ice and water.

"This is the busiest we've been, period," said Riddick a warehouse supervisor. "I mean, I've seen this, but I don't think I've seen it this bad."

The trucks came from Selma, Alabama a distribution point for hurricane relief. But truckers tell us warehouses in Selma were full so FEMA re-routed them to Memphis.

"Well, they wasn't moving people fast enough so they're pulling them out, letting them drop their load here at the cooler," said trucker Ray Wooten.

Each of the trucks can hold 40,000 pounds of ice or 20,000 liters of water. All of that ice and water will sit in the warehouses until FEMA decides where to send it.

Riddick says he's just glad to have the space to help.

"We're helping all of those down in Louisiana, Mississippi, that are not - that doesn't have what we have here. And we're storing this and it makes me feel real good," said Riddick.

Trucker Ray Wooten feels the same way.

"This is the worst disaster to ever hit the US - worst natural disaster - and this way I'm being part of the relief effort," he said.

Wooten also said he'll run as many trips as it takes to get supplies to everyone who needs them.

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