Taste of the Haven allows people to experience all Whitehaven has to offer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An event known as "Taste of the Haven" kicked off today in Whitehaven.

You might have heard of Taste of Chicago--the world's largest food festival held every summer.

Whitehaven does something a little different, on a much smaller scale. Organizers call it Taste of the Haven.

"What we're trying to do is get the community involved, get people in the Whitehaven community to understand exactly what here is offered in the community," Jamie Griffin, with the Whitehaven Library, said.

Organizations and businesses that serve the Whitehaven community gathered at the library Saturday to share information about the services they offer.

"This community is well connected, it's really tight, but there are still people who don't know about all the things that are offered here," Griffin said.

"We've got to learn to pass some information along so they can get the right information and carry it to another level," Whitehaven resident Hazel Moore said.

Moore--who many in the community lovingly call the "Mayor of Whitehaven"--said events like this help bring people closer together, and it puts people in touch with organizations that can build skills and help make a difference.

"Some people have to be trained to get these kinds of things done and that's why we're bringing the people in the community that we really need in here to help move the community," she said.

Moore said while Whitehaven has its challenges, like poverty, she feels the community is making progress, and she encourages those who haven't visited in a while to come get a Taste of the Haven.

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