Seemingly random shootings injure 2 Memphis drivers, police say

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Bullets have hit two people driving in Memphis in the last 48 hours.

Monday morning a driver waiting at a stoplight at the intersection of Central Avenue and East Parkway was struck by a stray bullet, according to Memphis Police Department.

The bullet hit the driver in the chest. He was taken to Regional Medical Center in non-critical condition.

Saturday morning, Ashley Lowe and her friend Laderrica Kuykindall were leaving Beale Street after a fun night on the town.

Bullets pierced Lowe's car as they drove on Danny Thomas Boulevard near Madison Avenue. The bullets shattered Lowe's back window.

"I got lucky. The bullet actually grazed my back," Lowe said.

"I actually thought we hit something in the street or the tire busted or something," Kuykindall said.

Pictures taken the next day show just how lucky Lowe was that her injuries weren't more severe.

The bullet actually went through her seat.

"My back is hurting. I feel like I got shot. It hurt and burned real bad," Lowe said.

Investigators told Lowe they responded to several other random shootings in that same area.

"It's just sad. You can't go anywhere. You got to watch out. I am actually scared to drive at night," Kuykindall said.

"It's crazy because you don't know who it is. It's just someone randomly shooting people. And that's the scary part," Lowe said.

The women nor the driver in Monday's shooting ever saw who fired the shots.

Investigators hope surveillance cameras may help solve at least one of these cases.

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