Some Holly Springs residents still without power after weekend storms

HOLLY SPRINGS, MS (WMC) - Some families in North Mississippi are going to bed without power days after a strong storm brought fierce winds to their community.

Emergency officials estimate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage after a quick storm swept through Holly Springs just after midnight Sunday morning and caught many residents off guard.

"We immediately jumped in the car and came back up to Holly," said Michele Stuper.

Stuper was in Oxford for the NCAA baseball tournament when she got a call telling her to come home.

"We had a lot of trees down, we had a tree on our pool house," Stuper said.

Stuper and her neighbors are still cleaning up three days later.

Piles of tree limbs now line the streets of Holly Springs.

The mayor of Holly Springs said about 15 homes were severely damaged, and at its peak, as many as 3,000 were without power.

"Absolutely, it was just kind of like diagonally from Northwest to Southeast right through the middle of our service area," said Bill Stone with Holly Springs Utility Department.

Only about 100 or fewer individuals are still without power.

Stuper decided after two days without power, it was time to go buy a generator.

"We can plug up our phones and we've got great friends where we can take showers at and wash our clothes," Stuper said.

Officials had to call in outside help to get the power restored from Grenada and Collierville.

A MEMA rep is still surveying the damage.

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