Jesse Jackson holds meeting in Memphis

Hundreds of eighteen wheelers filled with relief supplies sat still at the Memphis Defense Depot.

Truck driver Frank Link says he's driven in circles and has yet to see anyone who needs help.

"A lot of the truckers see it as nobody knows what they're doing. FEMA has said we don't know where the trucks are. Yet everyone of these trucks have global tracking systems," Link said.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson called this a good example of the federal traffic jam hurricane victims face.

"They have not heard from FEMA, they have not heard from the red cross. We need to get light in the dark places and get these resources to where they are needed," he said.

That's why Jackson held a meeting at St. Andrews AME Church in Memphis.

He talked about his Rainbow Push Coalition plan called Rescue, Relief, Relocation Reunification and Reconstruction.

Jackson invited ministers, congressmen, even the National President of the Red Cross to find ways to cut through the red tape.

"This has been a very large area, there are still areas that are very difficult to pass to get into and so I'm happy to know of specific areas where we can move resources in right away," said Marsha Evans, President of the Red Cross.

Jackson's goal is to come up with a more efficient plan to get victims the help they need.