Person killed in logging truck crash in Marshall County

MARSHALL CO., MS (WMC) - One person died in a logging truck crash in Marshall County, according to sheriff Kenny Dickerson.

The truck collided with a Ford F-250 carrying strawberries on Highway 302, near Cayce Road.

"It was louder than any thunder that I've ever heard before. I mean just a loud boom. When we hear it, we know exactly what it is because it happens so frequently," Patrica Nichols, who lives near the scene of the accident, said.

Marshall County Sheriff's Office said the driver of the Ford F-250 truck died from the crash that happened a little after 8 Thursday morning.

The collision threw logs and strawberries across the highway's median.

Residents said the man who was killed was a farmer who lived nearby and was making a run to a produce stand with strawberries near Highway 72 and the Tennessee state line.

Investigators have not said what caused the crash.

All morning Nichols sat on her front porch watching the clean up. Before the coroner's van arrived, she knew this crash wasn't like the dozens of others she has seen at Highway 302 and Cayce Road.

Nichols said they happen all too often.

"People just don't stop for the red light or they're speeding or like somebody said they are on their cellphone or doing whatever. It's a bad, bad intersection," Nichols said.

The driver of the logging truck was also seriously hurt.

Mississippi investigators have yet to identify either driver involved in the crash and have not released the cause.

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