WATCH: Trolley crashes into pedal bar in Downtown Memphis

WATCH: Trolley crashes into pedal bar in Downtown Memphis
(Source: MATA)
(Source: MATA)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - MATA just released the dash-cam video of last month's collision between one of its trolleys and a pedal pub on the Main Street mall.  The video shows the trolley driver's point of view, shedding new light on exactly where the party bike was parked right before the crash.

"That's really close," said Kiersten Hackney, "oh!  It was actually kind of scary.  People rushed outside to try and help and see if everyone was OK."

Hackney witnessed the accident the day it happened.  From her vantage point it appeared the trolley operator tried to brake, but didn't have enough time.  And after seeing MATA's video showing the pedal pub parked right next to the trolley tracks, it makes her wonder.

"The pedal bar was way too close to the trolley," she said, "Did he not see the trolley?"

Ashley Coleman, the owner of Sprock-n-Roll, the party bike company, told WMC Action News 5 shortly after the accident that her driver had stopped to let passengers take pictures.

"There was no indication we were in the way of anything," she said.

About a week later, the Downtown Memphis Commission held a meeting between MATA, both the city's pedal pub companies and Memphis' horse-drawn carriage operators.  DMC VP of Marketing, Penelope Houston described the meeting as "super positive."

"Our goal was to find a way for everyone to safely share Main Street and the Main Street mall," she said. "It's been a long time since the steel wheels were running.  It's a readjustment for everyone."

Houston emphasized there's a city ordinance that state's "non-motorized wheeled vehicles" like pedal bars and carriages "shall yield the right-of-way to any trolley."

Memphis' trolleys returned to downtown on April 30 after a four-year absence.  They're popular and packed most days, sharing the Main Street mall with walkers, bicyclists, emergency vehicles, horses and pedal pubs.  They are a welcome sight in Downtown Memphis, with no more incidents since last month's dust up.

"I hope they find a safe way for everyone to coexist," said Hackney, who works and lives downtown.  "It's been really helpful having the trolleys back and I hope they've fixed it and can be on the streets together."

There were no serious injuries in the accident. Memphis police officers ticketed the pedal bar's driver for the collision.  There was no answer from Sprock-N-Roll when WMC Action News 5 called the company on Thursday to get reaction about the MATA video.

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