Weeks-long mail theft suspect finally caught in the act

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Continuous mail thefts at a Cordova apartment complex prompted them to install cameras near the mail box.

The complex was shocked after seeing the bold move of a man Monday swiping hundreds of pieces of mail.

The mail carrier was out of sight when a man causally walked up to the mailboxes at Stonebridge Crossing.

The man quickly looked to see if anyone was watching and grabbed two trays filled with mail and other packages, according U.S. Postal Inspector Branden Guffey.

"We do see more commonly the thefts from individual mailboxes or theft from front porches. It's rare that a person would be a bold as to go to carrier's vehicle and steal it directly from a vehicle," Guffey said.

The suspect got away with about 400 pieces of mail.

The camera that captured this crime was installed after the apartment complex was notified that someone had been prying into mailboxes for weeks.

Guffey said it's possible the man seen in the video is connected to both crimes.

"The people had said they seen him there, but they do not know his name," he said.

A witness on Monday tried to stop the man from making a second dip into the back of the mail truck, and postal inspectors said the woman spooked him so he took off, ditching the package in hand.

"We recovered the trays of mail and then we recovered the packages that were empty. They were tore open and the contents were removed," Guffey said.

A leasing agent with Stonebridge Crossing said the complex had no comment on the ongoing thefts.

At this time, postal inspectors are still calculating the total value of mail taken.

If caught, the man in the video faces up to five years in a federal prison.

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