WWE's Samoa Joe talks Memphis wrestling history, reveals favorite BBQ spot

INTERVIEW: WWE star Samoa Joe talks Memphis wrestling history, reveals favorite BBQ spot

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Ahead of Tuesday night's SmackDown Live at FedExForum, the WWE's top stars took to Memphis.

Samoa Joe visited the WMC Action News 5 studio to chat with Andrew Douglas about the long history of Memphis wrestling, his favorite barbecue spot, and to teach a WMC digital producer a lesson.

"When you talk about great wrestling towns in the history of the world, I think Memphis kind of shoots up there into the top 3, if not the top two," Joe said.

As for what to expect at the next chapter of Memphis's lengthy history with WWE?

"I'm definitely beating somebody up tonight so that's like probably the highlight of the evening," Joe said.

SmackDown Live is one of two premiere WWE events that travel across the country, and when they make a stop in Memphis, Joe knows where to go.

"I'm a traditionalist," he said. "I do like Rendezvous; that's my spot out here, and I know it's a very contested debate who has the best BBQ in town. That's kind of my spot and you'll catch me cruising down Beale Street dropping into places here and there and checking out the local scene."

Samoa Joe is one of WWE's top rising stars and showed off his brute strength at the expense of WMC digital producer Jacob with his signature Coquina Clutch chokehold.

"We encourage nobody to ever do this at home," he said with his hands around Jacob's neck. "We are always very, very trained professionals. We know how to meter things and take care of people right, We don't want you to get hurt; we're just good old civilians."

While he showed off his moves, Joe also showed respect to the rich history of wrestling at the WMC studio.

"We're kind of sitting on hallowed ground," Joe said. "This being the original studio where a lot of Memphis wrestling went down, and I think we like to come to towns like this, especially leading into bigger shows, the crowds here have a lot more energy they're very, very opinionated and usually makes for some wild TV."

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