Evacuees Benefit From Mid-South Kindness

Former New Orleans resident Alisha Delatte is doing much better these days now that she's been reunited with her two daughers, "As long as they're with me, i'm satisfied, I know they're OK." I first met Delatte last week as she registered her daughter for classes in Memphis City Schools and as she picked up school supplies donated by TV 5 viewers, "They need 8 packs of this and 4 packs of that" Today was Enziya first day of classes in a new school in a new city with a new backpack filled with donated supplies, "Crayons, markers, they have a pack of pencils." Now that school is out of the way, Delatte is focusing on finding a new job which isn't easy with 2 year old Zamair tagging along, "I can go to a job with her with me or I can have my aunt keep her while I go in as far as doing applications." Getting to and from those interviews is another story, Delatte's car is flooded somewhere in New Orleans. She also needs her own place to stay, currently she shares a Memphis home with 11 other people, "I ride around, I see the For Rent signs, I write the numbers down." One thing that Alisha Delatte refuses to do is give up and she makes sure she stays strong for her daughters, "As long as I'm smiling they're ok, I tell them if they're frowning to smile. That's what you need to do, smile. If you're upset smile anyway."