'It's terrifying': Bold crook steals gun, heirloom jewelry from Midtown home

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A bold burglar jumped a woman's fence before slipping into her Midtown home.

Teacher Maggie Oliver said she was stunned when she saw the surveillance video of the man who stole from her.

"It's terrifying to know someone just walking down the street has no issue with--like kind of looks around and hops my fence. He seems to not have a care in the world," Oliver said.

Once the crook got into Oliver's backyard, he walked up to her bicycle and looks at it. Then he broke out the glass in her back window.

Surveillance cameras inside Oliver's house caught him too.

He stole a revolver she kept next to her bed and heirloom jewelry, her grandmother's pearl necklace and rings. All worth more than three thousand dollars.

"That is pretty difficult, because I can never get that kind of stuff back."

Oliver figures the crook was in her house for about seven minutes.

She has a good alarm system with cameras visible from the outside. She even has a motion sensor inside her home, but she had it turned off because her friendly dog, George, was at home.

You can even see George and the crook at one point on the surveillance video at the same time.

The crook eventually climbed out of the house, looked at Oliver's bicycle one more time, but decided against stealing it and its flat tire.

As he leaves you can see him take the revolver out of his pocket and put it in his waistband. He leaves, but not before latching the gate from the outside. To do that, the crook would likely stand about 6-foot-2.

"His attitude about it makes me believe he is going to do this again or he has done it before," Oliver said.

Oliver said she just wants two things: Her stuff back and the crook to get caught.

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