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BREAKDOWN: Why humid heat feels worse than dry heat

(Source: CNBC) (Source: CNBC)

If you've ever been to a dry climate in the Summer, you may have noticed that it does not feel as hot as it does here in the Mid-South. The reason why dry heat feels better than humid heat is because our body does not efficiently cool down when humidity is high.

Our normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When our body temperature rises above that, we start to sweat in order to release that heat. Since evaporation is a cooling process, we cool down when the sweat evaporates. 

When there is high amounts of moisture in the air, the sweat does not evaporate. So instead of cooling off, our body temperature just continues to climb. When the air is more dry, the sweat will evaporate and you will cool off quickly. 

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