BREAKDOWN: What caused a porta-potty to take flight?

BREAKDOWN: What caused a porta-potty to take flight?

(WMC) - It's a bird? No, it's a plane? Wait, its actually a flying porta-potty? The viral video comes from Commence City, Colorado, a suburb just to the northeast of Denver. In the video you see the winds pick up and the portable toilet go flying, flying high I might add. So, what caused this smelly situation?

After studying the video of people running for cover as the winds quickly pick up, it shows the tell-tale signs of a "dust devil" just without the dust.

Dust Devils form when a pocket of hot air near the surface rises quickly through cooler air above it, forming an updraft. If there are certain conditions the updraft may rotate, like we saw in Colorado.

Certain conditions can increase the likelihood to see a dust devil, such as flat barren terrain, clear skies or lightly cloudy conditions, and light to no wind and cool atmospheric temperatures. All of which help aid in the flight of the porta-potties in the video.

Dust devils usually are very small and weak, often less than 3 feet in diameter with a maximum wind averaging about 45 miles per hour and will dissipate less than a minute after forming.

A standard porta-potty usually weighs around 230 to 300 lbs. So those winds had to whip up quick to send the restroom flying.

Those portable toilets were flying high as the quick spin-up occurred and people rain for cover. The good news is no one was hurt in the toilet incident, but no word on the cars hit by the flying toilet.

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