Landspout captured on video near Wynne, Arkansas on Friday

Landspout explanation

WYNNE, AR (WMC) - Check out the video of a landspout that Thomas McCutchen captured Friday afternoon around 4:45 just west of Wynne, Arkansas.

There were thunderstorms in the area at the time but this wasn't produced by a supercell.

A landspout is a tornado, but it is a result of a rapidly growing cumulus cloud over an area of converging winds. As the cloud grows it draws the rotating surface winds up into a vertical column.

A landspout is typically very weak with winds less than 85 MPH and short lived but can last more than 15 minutes.

A landspout can also do damage to fences and weak structures. In this case is just produced a beautiful sight over Cross County farm land.

Thanks Thomas for the great video and for sharing.

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