Breakdown: Here's why the sky is blue

BREAKDOWN: Why is the sky blue?

We can easily see that our sky is blue, but have you ever wondered what causes it to be that color?

Like we talked about in a previous Breakdown Video, the sun is made up of all colors of the visible light spectrum, giving it a white light as it filters through our atmosphere.

Light energy travels in waves, some colors travel in long waves while others travel in relatively short waves. Red usually travels in long light waves, while blue is very short waves.

When light travels in a straight line, an item can get in its way, such as a mirror that reflect the light, or a prism that can bend light, well light can be scattered too, like the various molecules of gases in the atmosphere.

When the sunlight moves through the Earth's atmosphere, it is scattered in all directions. By the gases and particles in the air. When this happens, the blue wavelength is scattered in various directions by the tiny air molecules.

The reason why blue is scattered more than other colors is due to the fact the blue light travels in shorter, smaller waves. So that is the reason why the sky is blue most of the time.

In another breakdown video, we will talk about why at sunset the colors change in the sky. Stay tuned for our next installment of The Breakdown.

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