Doctors urge people to use caution during extreme heat

Doctors urge people to use caution during extreme heat

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Temperatures outside are excruciatingly hot. Something festival goers at Juneteenth know all too well.

"It is hot. Don't stand out here if you ain't got to," Laquita Hunt said.

As a blanket of heat and humidity covers the Mid-South, the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for several counties.

Though temperatures rose to the mid-90s, the heat index--or how hot it feels outside--soared into the triple digits.

Doctors say anyone who stays outside too long in that kind of weather is at risk for heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke.

Symptoms, such as headache, dizziness, and fainting can happen quickly--in just minutes.

That's why doctors urge people to drink plenty of water, wear loose-fitting clothes, and postpone those outdoor activities until closer to sunset.

Organizers at Juneteenth said they're taking precautions to make sure people stay safe.

"We had made sure we had tents just in case it get hot. We had tents for people to sit under to be cool and to enjoy these festivities," organizer Talisa Franklin said.

As the heat and humidity linger, experts say it's also a good idea to check on neighbors, the elderly, and pets.

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