Violent weekend sparks fears of dangerous summer in Bluff City

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A 20-year-old man is behind bars, charged in a shooting that injured four people during a robbery.

It was all part of a violent weekend.

We are still three days away from the start of summer, but there are already fears of a violent season.

One woman's husband came dangerously close to losing his life in a robbery he wasn't even involved in.

Saturday afternoon, April Walls was inside her Hickory Hill home on Myers Street playing video games.

"Next thing you know there were was like firecrackers going off," Walls said. "My husband jumped up off the couch. I didn't know he had been shot."

Walls' husband was shot through the wall after a robbery next door erupted into gunfire.

"Bullets… all around me," said neighbor Mary Moore. "It could have been me."

Police arrested 20-year-old Terrance Jones on multiple counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Walls' husband will be fine, but the bullet remains in his bones. Something else remains days after that shooting.

"So how are you feeling now?" WMC5's Kelli Cook asked her.

"Nervous," Walls said. "Don't want to be downstairs."

"It's ugly," Moore said. "It's ugly out here. We need to stand; the community needs to stand."

There is some effort to make a difference.

Pastor Kenneth Whalum from New Olive Baptist Church spent the evening canvassing crime-ridden areas.

"I feel like if we don't do something it's going to be another long, hot summer," Whalum said.

Whalum will hold a worship service Wednesday at the "I Am A Man Plaza" in downtown Memphis.

"We know and believe it will affect people that will cause them to change their behavior," Whalum said.

After a weekend that included five different shootings and eight different victims, something will definitely need to help a summer that's getting off to a rough start.

Jones is being held on a $2.5 million bond.

If Jones' name sounds familiar, that's because he was one of four teens who police said were flashing guns inside Oak Court Mall.

One video got a lot of attention last fall as the four teens walked through the mall and parking garage with weapons.

Police named Jones as a suspect in this case, but he was never prosecuted because his attorney said his cell phone proved he wasn't there.

Weapons charges against another man, Jaelen Bell, were dismissed in December.

Bell is also sitting in jail, accused of second-degree murder after a man was shot and killed in a car back in March.

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