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Memphis business robbed and car-jacked

Two men with guns cleaned-out a South Memphis laundromat Tuesday.  In the process, they locked up two elderly clerks in a restroom in back.

They didn't get away with very much money.  But they did use one of the employee's cars as a getaway.  And they took with them a very important clue.

Action News Five was on the scene within minutes.

The call had come in as a carjacking outside the fawn cleaners on Elvis Presley.

But Miss Nellie Belcher set us straight right away.  "There ain't no carjacking.  That was a money jackin'."

It was - to coin a phrase - a "money-jacking" in South Memphis and Nellie Belcher was one of the victims.  "I thought he was playing at first.  I really thought.... Man, get the hell out of here.  There ain't no money," she said.

Belcher and co-worker Clotille Thomas were working here when the two suspects came in, guns waving.

Even Randy Truitt, working next door, saw it unraveling.  "Big daddy he come and said come here come here... Man I just seen dude ran up here with a pistol.  They about to get robbed over here.  So we like stand behind the building like this here you know," said Truitt.

Nellie Belcher says one of the robbers took a change purse from her with eighty dollars in it and then robbed the till, taking about another $160.  Then the two suspects locked the two ladies in a restroom at the back of the store.

"They said bring your a-- on in here now and I went on in here and they pushed us in there together," said Belcher.

Owner Jiten Pareh says he's glad no one was hurt.  "I have a camera  and I got everything in place.  You know it's just like unfortunate that I don't know why they come in the cleaners.  We don't keep that much money and we don't have that much."

Pareh says he's sure the suspects were caught on tape.  But when we went to look for the surveillance video, a police officer told us the suspects had made off with the tape too.

And that's not all.  It may not have been a conventional carjacking.  But the robbers did take Clotille Thomas' car when they left the scene. 

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