Evacuees finding work in Memphis

As the shock of losing everything to a hurricane and a flood begins to wear off, evacuees are trying to pick up the pieces.

Some found jobs in Memphis right away, but for others finding work has been somewhat of a challenge.

Two New Orleans evacuees, b

oth women, both hard working, and both want jobs.

"All I need is the opportunity and I can pretty much handle anything that is given to me," said Miranda Owens an electronic technician.

Miranda Owens told manpower recruiters she has experience in security and electronics. She hasn't been hired yet. But a few days ago dental assistant Kamecha Salvant found work at this midtown dental office.

Manpower officials say in the coming weeks expect a tidal wave of evacuees to join Memphis' job search market.   Some companies are already making plans to hire them.

"What employers are forecasting for the next quarter - we feel very optimistic about it," said Jack Quinlin of Manpower.

Right now Manpower, the Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations are working on a plan to match employers with people looking for work.

After losing everything to Hurricane Katrina many evacuees are going on interviews, for some the only thing they own are clothes on their back.
The chamber of commerce is preparing a Hurricane Katrina web site that will allow employers to post jobs and job seekers to advertise their skills.
You can find the chamber's website by clicking here.