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Mayor Luttrell hosts leadership summit for youth

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Shelby County is calling all young people to be a part of civic leadership--that was the goal of Mayor Mark Luttrell's Leadership Summit held Saturday.

The Young Professional Council is about engaging the next generation, reminding them that their opinions and concerns matter when it comes to shaping out future.

"We Don't Bluff, We Lead!" was the theme of the leadership summit held Saturday at Memphis Bioworks Foundation.

Chair of the Young Professional Council, Geoffrey Lewis, said it's a unique opportunity for young people to meet and share ideas. 

"We are the workforce of tomorrow. We are the vehicle of tomorrow, and we need to be involved in the development of what happens tomorrow," Lewis said.

Luttrell created the council in 2010 to encourage young people to take note of their talents and invest them locally.

Sabastian De Kok is from the Netherlands and has lived in several U.S. cities, but he said the Bluff City stands apart.

"Memphis really has been the first place where I felt that the doors are open for those who want to step through them and make a change and be part of something better," he said.

Saturday's Summit focused on leadership presentations and a think tank with topics ranging from education to the workforce pipeline and the overall quality of life for young professionals. All ideas are then streamed back to the mayor.

There was also a voter's registration table pushing attendees to use their voices at the ballot box.

"Your energy is important, not just what you can get from Shelby County, but what you can put back in to make it wonderful for everyone who lives here," Young Professional Council member Lisa Williams said.

"The best way to get involved is find out about the council, apply, and also join other professional councils, Memphis Urban League, Memphis Chamber, Soundcheck, there are a lot of ways to get involved. Figure out your niche and go for it," Lewis said.

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