Woman says FedEx pilot sexually assaulted her on United Airlines flight

DENVER, CO (WMC) - A Colorado woman is suing United Airlines for failing to stop a FedEx pilot from sexually assaulted her during a flight in 2016, according to NBC News.

The FedEx pilot, Monte Wedl, was off duty at the time of the incident. He no longer works for the company.

"Wedl has not flown for the company since we were first made aware of these allegations. He is no longer an employee," a FedEx spokeswoman said.

Wedl was acquitted in 2017 of criminal charges stemming from the incident.

The woman's civil lawsuit, which was filed July 5, states United Airlines employees witnessed Wedl harass her multiple times.

At one point, the woman asked a flight attended for a new seat assignment, but the flight attendant "suggested" she return to her seat and talk to Wedl, the lawsuit reports.

The woman then took the matter to the head flight attendant, who assigned her a new seat in the same row.

The woman sought medical care and counseling, had to take time off work, and suffered post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the assaults, the lawsuit states. United exacerbated the situation by instructing the woman to return to her seat and by serving excessive alcohol to Wedl, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages above $75,000, the minimum for such a federal court claim, including costs related to medical care, counseling, time away from work, attorney's fees and future damages.

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