Memphis Zoo remembers Zimm the monkey's escape 3 years later

Memphis Zoo remembers Zimm the monkey's escape 3 years later

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - This week marks three years since one of the most talked about escapes in Memphis history.

Zimm the macaque escaped from her enclosure and was on the lam in the Memphis Zoo for three days in 2015.

We revisited Zimm to see what the mischievous monkey is up to three years later.

Those who know her best say she's full of confidence.

"Yeah, Zimm is one of our more adventurous animals," said Matt Thompson, director of Memphis Zoo's Animal Program. "She tends to have more of an adventurous and kind of an exploring personality."

But no one was prepared for what happened three years ago when Zimm, a then-3-year-old monkey at the Memphis Zoo, scaled the wall and escaped from her enclosure.

"Actually one of our visitors saw her get out or reported she was out and we came to the scene immediately and of course we're very concerned any time an animal gets out," Thompson said.

It set off a three-day search, with frantic zookeepers turning everything upside down looking for her.

"You know it rarely happens but when they do they want right back in because it's an unfamiliar world to them outside their exhibit," Thompson said.

Zookeepers eventually found Zimm hanging out in a zoo drainage system.

"I'm just very thankful that we were able to get her back in," Thompson said.

Three years later, Zimm has turned over a new leaf. She still has the same personality but seems to have put her escape artist's ways behind her.

To ensure Zimm won't escape again, zoo officials moved her to a new exhibit, and she now lives with a new family.

"She hasn't tried or really been interested in getting out and I think a lot of that is her new-found position within this new family group," Thompson said.

As for that old exhibit Zimm escaped from, zoo officials made upgrades to it so other animals don't escape.

"Over time there had developed some kind of handholds in the rock work that she was able to take advantage of, so we sealed back over those and everything is fine," Thompson said.

Zookeepers said when it comes to keeping Zimm safe, they've made sure there's no more monkeying around.

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