Musician's Fight for Life

Memphis Musician Chris Sawyer is a man who lived through a mugging and endured Hurricane Katrina, but his struggle now continues inside a Memphis hospital.

His father, Dennis, said the family has had a tough time since April 23 when muggers shot Sawyer three times on a New Orleans street. He was there recording a record for his Memphis-based family business, Tetragram Records. The moments following the shooting saved Sawyer's life.

"They turned into the very first house that they came to and it was a trauma nurse who happened to live there," said his father.

Sawyer went into a 90-day coma, but luck was on his side again.

"He just happened to be taken to what is considered the best gun shot trauma hospital in the United States, which is Charity in New Orleans," explained his father.

Sawyer gained consciousness and doctors began to talk about sending him home, but then Hurricane Katrina hit.

Sawyer's hospital lost power and ran out of supplies, so his condition declined again. His father launched a rescue operation. The group journeyed from Memphis, but missed Sawyer by five minutes. Unbeknownst to them, the National Guard flew Sawyer to Northlake Regional Hospital in Atlanta.

The family finally caught up with Sawyer when the hospital called. In a big show of support, Americare Ambulance offered to drive Sawyer home for free. He is now recovering at The Med in downtown Memphis. His father is in awe of the whole ordeal.

"He has cheated death so many times in the last few months it's just incredible," he said.

However, earlier this week doctors at The Med discovered a dangerous blood clot near his heart, so Sawyer is not out of the woods yet.

Sawyer is conscious and talking, but his body has endured a roller coaster ride of recovery and regression.

Those close to him have every expectation that he will make it over this next hurdle.

"He's just not the kind of guy who can die now. It's just not his time," explained his father.