Police investigate New Albany murders

The peaceful town of New Albany, Mississippi was shocked Sunday when the elderly couple of Chico and Charlotte Foote were found murdered inside their house.

New Albany Police believe Albert McDonald committed the murders. He's also wanted for shooting three other people along a road less than a mile away. Two of those people were critically injured.

Bobby Pankey lived next door to Chico and Charlotte Foote for nearly 30 years. He said they were hard-working and highly respected members of the community.

"I think this guy knew he could get transportation and possibly money there," Pankey said.

The murders were only the first and second in New Albany this year. After killing the couple, police say Albert McDonald left in their car. He has been spotted as far away as Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Chief David Grisham of the New Albany Police Department believes it's only a matter of time before he's caught.

"We're constantly on the phone with officials in Illinois and Michigan trying to track him," he said.

But Grisham worries McDonald could kill again before he's captured.

"He's made the statement that he wasn't going back to prison," Grisham said, "and he wouldn't be taken alive."