Police Watch for Katrina Crooks

These are the people who need help most, those who may lost everything they owned. The people you want your donations to go to, unfortunately they don't always make it into the right hands. Memphis Police Sergeant Vince Higgins says charges have been filed against people arrested in Memphis, "We have eight cases and I think we've solved 6 of the 8. Charges have been placed or warrants obtained." Emma Hill was arrested last week for pretending to be an evacuee and applying for a 1500 check from the Red Cross. Higgins says she's not the only one, "Some Katrina victims who are entitled to Red Cross assistance and they've applied for it and fraudulently apply for more monies from the Red Cross." Charles McLain and Cara Geno are being held in Booneville, MS. Higgins says they're the most recent cases of people pretending to be victims to get some quick cash from giving Mid-Southerners, "We want to help and that's a testament to the people in this community but at the same time we can't be naive about it." Which is why police both on the local and state level are working with groups like the Red Cross, to make sure the money you give gets to those indeed in need.